DEmo #1


This is song is meant to be a love story from start to finish. Start being the first date, and finish being a family gathered round in a hospital room as the main character is making his way into the afterlife. This song is loosely based on my own story with a wife and two children. And after I finished this song I was unable to finish the last verse without breaking down, even simulated goodbyes are difficult :)

The Lyrics

Fix my hair, close the latch on the gate, I fly across this town because I don’t want to be late, And I pull up to your house and your Dad is staring holes through me, We see a movie, something scary not sad, you say romantic comedies these days make you mad, Just empty and lonely, wishing for a world like that

Baby I could never let you go, you are the current, the river, and the undertow

A white dress and the cutting of cake, a little house on seventh as the snow starts to flake, Pretty soon that house is full of diapers and crying things, Daughter has a game so we load up the van, the joy on her young face it keeps us warm in the stands, and the boy is touring colleges life just moves as fast as it can

You gather round as I am slipping away, my hair that was so blonde has now all faded to gray, I’m so proud of the man and the woman you’ve come to be, My love is wearing blue like she was when we met, she grabs on to my hand and holds it tight to her chest, And the sound of her heartbeat leads me toward whatever’s next

Demo #2

The Story

This is a story about an ambitious young girl who was born with a wild soul. She is immediately wanting to move away from her small town and out to the golden coast. She does just that, and succeeds wildly, but inevitably realizes it wasn't the answer. And the end of the song is her driving home to see her parents and revisit the town that raised her.

The Lyrics

she almost broke her neck, staring out at California, It held everything she wanted in this life, Cassette Tapes in the deck, so tired of living in slow motion, The answer is always short a thousand miles

Well I know one thing, that girls a tidal wave, If you try to lock her down she'll take the fire escape

She says please send pictures of home, Because I was born for life on the road, There ain't no part of me that's alone, And every right thing just feels so wrong

She says Mr Johnston sir, how do you like your coffee, I'm going to own this building someday, He said listen up my dear, more working and less talking, This man only saw her one way

Well I know one thing, she's a fiery thing, If you try to close the door she'll find some glass to break

Made her first million there, then thought she'd try times square, but she'd trade everything, to be young again in Tennessee

Please send pictures of home

She says Daddy I'm coming home, I just passed Waltons old corner store, I'm so damn tired of being alone, And every smart thing feels just plain wrong

Demo #3

The Story

This song is about a couple that lost everything that they had saved trying to save their son from a rare disease. They ultimately lost him. And in deciding that they have nothing left to lose, they decide to rob a bank together. And in doing so they fall back in love, in a way they had been unable to since losing their child. It is meant to be somewhat of a commentary on our current health care system. But not some sort of political statement. I don't have all the answers. I just write songs.

The Lyrics

Its been raining cats and dogs, crying like a church on Monday, It seems mother nature helped us with our plan, Last year we spent it all, trying to save our boy from dying, So now we’ve got nothing to lose at all

Please stay, close to me, if you hear the sound of sirens, don’t wait

Can you hear me loud, louder than the voices in your head, Do you hear the words I spoke onto the frequencies I sent, And the headlights in the dark will be here sooner than you think, This is ours, tonight we take it

Now we’re all dressed in black, wandering the streets and avenues, If we had a bit more cash we’re sure that we would know the truth, You disable the alarm, let me worry about the guard, By design, tonight we take it

There’s no turning back once you break that safe wide open, More green than you have seen in all your life, And when I saw that Pontiac, and pulled the driver’s side door open, I threw the bag to you to count the stacks

With your blonde hair blowing in the wind, For the first time I think we might be able to live again

Demo #4

The Story

This is a song about an unhealthy, codependent, destructive relationship that is also rich with fire and passion. Essentially two people that just can't refuse or move on from one another, despite the fact that they know they would be better off. They want to blame each other but know there is equal fault and lack of compatibility.

The Lyrics

Black cats and brightly colored lights, how do you sleep at night, I calculate the cost of time that I waste, tracing your silhouette, We both have bad intentions so why do we judge each other, We both have similar weaknesses, don’t want to let them show

But then you came over, like a dream, older than a scene from 16 candles, Back when my heart could beat that fast when you came

You’re under so much pressure I don’t have a care in this world, You are pre medication I feel like you can’t fix a thing, We burned up all our prior lives, had cleansing rituals, We set off bottle rockets, light fuse there she goes

And all of the doubt that I was holding masquerades as pure cocaine, You know its not the answer to your problems until its in your bloodstream

Demo #5

The Story

This is a song about the excitement of an old flame coming back to town. In this case it was only geography that separated these two after high school. And they are both aware that their counterpart will be back home to celebrate New Years Eve. Neither had been able to move on, so they both would like to pick up where things had left off.

The Lyrics

In my head I'm thinking of you, through my shirt my heart pounds straight through, I asked you if you wanted to dance, Set down your drink, and held out your hand

If I lock the door knock anyway, don't you know its just a game that we play, If I'm on the floor, don't turn away, you were put on earth to keep me safe

A common place a restaurant an old jukebox playing that song, You moved away for the Ivy League but I heard you're coming back New Years eve

I text bring your dancing shoes you smile back, You say we could start something new, on new years day

You know the score I know the play, Stay close enough just to make you feel safe, We countdown from 4 they disappear, Its even better than it was in my head

Maybe we could start something new on New years Day, When you whispered I love you, I said it back