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"Michael played during our daughter's wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. and we received so many compliments. We had some weather glitches at our outdoor venue and Michael accommodated the changes easily. When he sang during the ceremony you couldn't believe that it wasn't the original artist singing. Happy hour was just as great and we couldn't be more please with everything. I wouldn't think twice about having Michael play at your wedding, he will be amazing."

-Shannon T (The Knot Review)

"Michael did an amazing job with everything from the initial contact of booking, bachelorette party and down to the ceremony and reception. I believe I gave him three songs that I specifically wanted played other that the rest was his call. He without a doubt EXCEEDED ourexpectations! I do although have one regret and that is wishing I would have been able to have him for the whole reception not just dinner music."

-The Knot Review

"Michael Shynes is one of the most genuine and talented people I have ever come into contact with. From communication to performance- we could not have asked for a more professional artist to sing at our wedding. We listened to him live for the first time in St. Cloud, MN- thetown my fiancé and I met. We knew instantly that he was perfect. After making the decision to hire him for our wedding, we listened to all of his originals and fell in love with one song in particular. We loved it so much we asked him to sing it for our first dance. He went above and beyond to make our day so special. Our guests raved about his performance at the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour! He is hands down the best and I would recommend him to anyone!!!!"

-Kirstie B (The Knot Review)

"Get him while you can!!!!! Michael is so incredibly talented, I truly cannot believe he is still doing weddings. I was referred to him by my wedding coordinator Nadia at simply elegant and my husband and I could not have been happier with him. We truly feel so lucky to have had the honor of him performing at our wedding and would absolutely encourage EVERYONE to book him while you still can :) (It's only a matter of time before I hear him on the radio!) Our guests were incredibly impressed and are still raving about him. Definitely one of my favorite pieces of our wedding, hands down."

-Connie M (The Knot Review)

"Michael Shynes was amazing for our wedding. He was easy to work with and sounded amazing playing anything we asked. He had his own playlist and would also play anything that was requested. We got so many compliments on how great he sounds. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a live musician for any event."

-The Knot Review

"Michael did an amazing job with everything from the initial contact of booking, bachelorette party and down to the ceremony and reception. I believe I gave him three songs that I specifically wanted played other that the rest was his call. He without a doubt EXCEEDED ourexpectations! I do although have one regret and that is wishing I would have been able to have him for the whole reception not just dinner music."

-The Knot Review

"Michael Shynes was incredible at our wedding Ceremony. He was SO accommodating – and we were not an easy customer. He learned a new song for us at our request, was able to fill the quiet times of the ceremony perfectly, and flawlessly transitioned from song to song perfectly on queue. His voice accompanied the acoustic guitar so beautifully…like he was meant to perform at a wedding ceremony. We have gotten countless questions about him and EVERY comment from those in the audience was over-the-top complimentary. I am so thankful that we found him…can’t imagine what our ceremony would have been like without him. THANK YOU MICHAEL!"

-Emmy H (The Knot Review)

"Michael was hands down the best decision I made for our wedding reception (aside from the Gr0om I suppose!). The first time I heard him sing I was hooked and we actually ended up planning our date around his availability because I knew I wanted him there! He was so friendly, professional, easy to work with, accommodating and extremely talented! We got more compliments on him and his performance than anything else at our reception party. In my opinion, he directly set the tone for a fun, relaxing evening! If you need a musician for ANY event, talk to Michael Shynes!!!"

-The Knot Review

"Wow! Michael played my wedding reception PERFECTLY! His talent was admired by all of our guests. He learned and sang my requested songs perfectly and really helped in making our evening just magical! I highly reccomend hiring Michael for your reception - He is truly a gifted musician!"

-The Knot Review

"Michael was awesome - his music turned a great wedding an extraordinary one. He From quiet reception background to dance music, he kept the crowd going until the very end. His performance at the reception was outstanding, but Michael also gets kudos for being accommodating, business like and providing a high service level. If you're looking for an easy and rewarding music experience, Michael is your guy."

-Madonna A (The Knot Review)

"Future brides, if you are looking for someone to play at your wedding, your search has ended! The first time I heard Michael perform was at a restaurant with my now husband and family. After the first song he played, I was so mesmerized by his voice and I knew immediately that IHAD to have him play at our wedding. Michael played during our social hour before our wedding ceremony and during the actual ceremony. I had countless guests asking my family who he was and where we had found him. Even my bridesmaids were asking me to "turn up the radio" when he started to play and I had to explain to them that this was someone performing live outside. He was so easy to work with and I couldn't imagine my wedding day without him being apart of it. He brought such a relaxing and calming atmosphere to our social hour and guests were in awe of him. At the reception as we were greeting guests, there were very few conversations that happened that did not involve Michael. We have been married almost a week now, and I have received numerous texts asking about Michael. Although our wedding day has ended, I cannot wait to continue to follow Michael through his career. I know great things are in store for him!!!"

-Elizabeth R (The Knot Review)

"Michael was exceptional! He performed for our ceremony and cocktail hour and guests absolutely loved him. He was easy to communicate with and responded quickly with any questions I had. He has an expansive song list and played a variety so all of our guests could enjoy. They are still talking about his performance weeks later. I would definitely recommend him for any event."

-Adleigh S (The Knot Review)

"Michael could not have been better. He performed at our wedding and just was perfect. He is a great communicator and wanted to make sure our ceremony was everything we want it to be. I hope to drum up some other event to have him play at. Guests at the wedding were asking how to book him. i can't imagine having anyone better than Michael."

- Kristen E (Gigmasters Review)

"Michael Shynes "played" such an important role in our wedding. He was so professional and easy to work with and went above and beyond our expectations. He has such a great range of songs and was a real crowd pleaser. Many of our guests complimented us on having him there and said they would like to use him for their events."

-The Knot Review

"Michael traveled to Wisconsin for our wedding. All of our guests loved him and continue to talk about him months later. He was great with communication and flexible with our song choices. I would have him come perform again for one of our events!"

-Kristie B (The Knot Review)

"Michael did an amazing job performing at our NYE wedding. We received compliments all evening and we're still receiving compliments days after our wedding on how incredible Michael's voice is. He was truly a highlight of our wedding and we were so honored to have him be apart of our special day. He added such a unique touch to our wedding which we will remember forever. I can't wait to get our wedding footage back so I can hear him again and again!"

-Amy R (The Knot Review)

"Michael performed at our wedding recently with about 2 weeks notice. His time involved performing an hour before the ceremony and a half an hour during. We selected a number of songs on his list and also requested a couple that were not. He gladly agreed to learn the songs and performed them so wonderfully that words cannot describe his talents. Our guests and employees at the Pool & Yacht Club raved about Michaels talents and his beautiful performance. We feel as if he is now a friend and if you are looking for someone to make your event special, Michael Shynes is the answer. Thank you again!"

-Terry and Leslie (The Knot Review)

"Michael Shynes blew everyone away during his performance at our wedding! We received so many compliments about how amazing of an artist he was! He was so easy to work with and happily learned the songs we requested him to play. I would highly recommend him!"

-Katie L (The Knot Review)

"We hired Michael to perform at our wedding ceremony and social hour. Everyone could not stop raving about how great he was. I couldn't keep count of how many people kept asking me who he was and how we found him. He played When I Say I Do during our wedding ceremony as well as a few prelude and recessional songs. One of the prelude songs was Marry Me by Train and we had one guest say "It was like you had Train at your wedding!" Everyone also thoroughly enjoyed the social hour. I only wish my husband and I could have spent more time listening to him that day but we were so busy!! :-) He was also very easy to communicate with and was willing to learn a few new songs for us. Second, the variety of songs he could play we loved as well- country, pop, alternative, classics. In conclusion, he was awesome and the guests and us loved every minute! It was definitely one of the best vendor decisions we made and I would definitely recommend hiring him for your wedding!"

-Alynn K (The Knot Review)

"We love Michael and he made our wedding day!"

-Stephanie B (Gigmasters Review)


"Michael Shynes was an amazing part of my wedding. He was a great performer for our guests and throughout the ceremony. We received many compliments of his singing by our guests. Our ceremony official confirmed that he has never done a wedding where every guest was focused on the musician and not talking with other people around them before the ceremony. Michael Shynes did an excellent job with responding to emails right away and even going above and beyond by recording songs of choice we have chosen for our wedding and he played them so we could hear how they would sound and they were terrific. We even have out of town guests who could not get enough of Michael Shynes because of the artistic ability and compatibility he has for certain songs. We could not have been more grateful for Michael Shynes to be a part of our wedding ceremony as he was the best musician we have ever heard."

-Bobby T (The Knot Review)

"We couldn't have been more pleased with Michael Shynes as our wedding performing. Our guests were talking about him throughout the day and even the morning after. Not only is he a great performer, he is also extremely fun and reliable to work with prior to the event. He even was able to play a song not on his song list and it meant the world to us! Thanks a million Michael!"

- Heather S (Gigmasters Review)

I would highly recommend Michael! He was very polite, professional and sounded AMAZING! Everyone was talking about how great he was. I'm so glad I chose him to perform at my wedding!

-Shawna P (Gigmasters Review)

"Ladies listen up! I am not one to do a review like..ever! But I just have to because I need to share the wealth. I am a gal who researches a lot before I do something. So needless to say when I wanted a live artist at my wedding, I searched and searched. I hired Michael Shynes to play at my Sunday brunch wedding and he was amazing. From the business perspective.. the coordinating process before to the day of, everything was smooth!! He is reasonable, and easy to get in touch with. I never onced worried about it once I booked with him. The day of the wedding, he showed up on time, set up and was ready to rock and roll. He literally is one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard. I gave him a few songs to play and let him choose the rest, which was great! His voice is amazing, his guitar skills are phenomenal! My husband and I keep talking about how much we just enjoyed listening to him. We got so many compliments throughout the day. I would highly recommend him to any bride."

-Keara W (The Knot Review)

"Michael sang a song during our ceremony...when we got to the reception that is all that the guests talked about!! They were absolutely blown away by his voice and how talented he was. I would completely recommend Michael to everyone! Michael made our sand ceremony perfect by playing the song "God Gave Me You" to it...thank you so much Michael!!!!!"

- Jaimie S (Gigmasters Review)

"We can't say enough wonderful things about Michael! He responded to all my emails very quickly and was so nice from the get go. He also agreed to learn two new songs for our processional and recessional that meant so much to us! MANY wedding guests asked how we got in touch with him and told us how much they loved his voice! We would absolutely recommend Michael to another couple and hope to book him for future events! His talent and professionalism really added to the atmosphere of our wedding! Thank you Michael!!"

-Danielle A (The Knot Review)

"Michael is an amazing artist! He performed at a friends wedding and we instantly wanted him to be a part of our wedding day! He was so nice and was willing to learn a new song for us! Everyone loved him and we got many compliments and requests for his contact info! Will definitely hire him again!"

-Heather S (The Knot Review)

"Words cannot describe how much I loved the music and voice of Michael! Everyone commented on what a great job he did. He definitely made everything go smoothly too, was very professional, responsive and setup early. I'm so happy I chose him to play at our wedding. He made it that much more special!!!"

-The Knot Review

"We hired Michael Shynes to play for our wedding reception which included music during cocktail hour, dinner, and our first dance in addition to the father/daughter and mother/son dance. One word: awesome. Our guests repeatedly commented on the amazing music and where we found this gem, Michael Shynes. Michael was not only very easy to work with, he also brought his own equipment and let us use it for announcements and speeches! Michael, thank you for making our wedding day even more special with your music."

-Arin A (The Knot Review)

"Michael was an absolutely terrific choice for our wedding. In the planning stage he was very responsive and open/honest about what he could and could not do. He was also extremely flexible to our requests for specific songs. His willingness to travel (our wedding was in Illinois) was an added bonus. Micheal played during our ceremony, cocktail hour, and performed a song for our first dance. It was all spectacular and he was able to make every song feel like it was personalized just for us. Michael Shynes is an amazing musician and has a wonderful personality, making it a pleasure to have him be a part of our wedding. We got much more than our money's worth with him!"

-Anthony (The Knot Review)

"We had Michael sing Tenerife Sea, When I Say I Do, Marry You and Marry Me during our wedding ceremony. He was absolutely amazing and made the ceremony complete. Not only is his voice incredible, but he is also extremely easy to work with and accommodating. He was great at giving suggestions and willing to sing anything. Guests were all very complimentary and enjoyed his performance. Look no further than Michael, he will exceed your expectations!"

-Kayla (The Knot Review)

"I cannot say enough positive things about Michael Shynes. He knew all the songs that I wanted played for my ceremony. He was prompt. He came with all his own equipment. He responded to emails in less than 24 hours. His price was reasonable. I got so many compliments from guests about his playing. I would highly recommend him."

-Kara (The Knot Review)

"Michael was amazing and really great to work with. He was accommodating and very responsive leading up to the wedding. His voice is great and he plays a lot of good songs. He is even willing to learn new songs for your ceremony. So many of our guests asked about Michael and where we found him because they loved his music so much. Great experience overall."

-Andrea L (The Knot Review)

"Michael came through on short notice and was very flexible and accommodating. He provided a half hour of acoustic instrumental music before the ceremony, cued the recorded music for the processional and recessional, and did a lovely solo during the ceremony. Everything went seamlessly and was beautiful! His setup was discreet and the volume arrangements just right for the venue. He was on time, respectful, cheerful, upbeat, and friendly. He really made us feel he was glad to be a part of our special day, not just another "gig". His rendition of a popular song was tasteful and heartfelt. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation!"

-Leslie B (The Knot Review)

"Michael was absolutely amazing! He even learned a new song we requested and played it during our recessional! We are forever fans of his!"

-Rachel M (The Knot Review)

"Very talented musician!! Michael made our small back yard wedding special and our guests loved him! Everyone was sad to see him leave!"

-Nicole C (Thumbtack Client)

"Michael did a FABULOUS job performing for an open house that we had a couple weeks ago! He was adaptable to the space that we had and came with a great set list! Loved his tone and sound, will definitely be using him again! Absolutely wonderful!!"

-Ryann K (Rosetree Wedding and Events)

"Where do I begin with Michael Shynes... We asked Michael to do a rendition of our wedding song for our ceremony, and he absolutely nailed it. He is as professional as can be, and we could not have asked for anything more. He communicates very well, and is very flexible when it comes to performing. If you have any doubts at all about having him perform at your special event, check him out at one of his local venues that he performs at...we were sold after the first song. We have already referred him out friends that are getting married in the upcoming year, and would recommend him for any event you may be planning."

- Thomas and Shelley H (Gigmasters Review)

"Micheal Shynes made our wedding ceremony very enjoyable! I keep hearing compliments from guests who want a CD! Thanks Michael for doing such a great job!"

-Shauna F (Thumbtack Client)

"Michael sang a song during our ceremony...when we got to the reception that is all that the guests talked about!! They were absolutely blown away by his voice and how talented he was. I would completely recommend Michael to everyone! Michael made our sand ceremony perfect by playing the song "God Gave Me You" to it...thank you so much Michael!!!!!"

- Jaimie S (Gigmasters Review)

"First off I would like to say that Michael Shynes was a fantastic part of our wedding ceremony! We received so many wonderful compliments of how wonderful he was. He did an excellent job on all the songs we chose and even a song where it was an older one, he made it sound awesome in his own way. We couldn't have had a better musician at our wedding ceremony! Thanks again Michael Shynes!!"

- Bobby T (Gigmasters Review)

“I would just like to say how extremely fortunate Chris and I were to have Michael sing for our Wedding ceremony. His breathtaking voice completely complimented the scenery, service and love in the air. You went out of your way to work with us, while agreeing to play whatever songs we chose. We were amazed at how you perfected them. I specifically remember you practicing before our ceremony – we took our couple’s photo while listening to you and were so reassured with our decision. I’ll never ever forget stepping out of the Bridal cottage to meet my Father. The first thing I noticed was Michael’s voice. I had instant goose bumps and tears in my eyes. Michael has a special gift of being able to connect with the lyrics and those he is singing to. The number of comments we received at the reception and for months after was incredible. With very little practice, he blew away the duet with my friend, Jenna. The way they harmonized together was near magical. Without a doubt, I recommend Michael and his incredible voice – your Wedding ceremony will not be complete with it. Thank you for making ours what it was, Michael!”

-Amanda G

"It’s not easy being a bride. It can be stressful and scary when you want such an important occasion to turn out perfectly. Michael Shynes made that happen for me. Of all the choices to be made before the big day, choosing Michael Shynes to be the musician was the easiest.

First, his music and his performance at my wedding (June 2013) was amazing: unique, passionate, and beautiful. He was accepting of and non-judgmental to my offbeat request: “Will you play your I Would Protect You in a Zombie Apocalypse song during my wedding ceremony?” … which he did…. which was amazing. More than that, though, Michael was kind, funny, warm and polite. My guests lit up around him. From the moment he answered my first email, Michael treated my wedding as if it were just as important to him as it was to me. We all enjoyed his performance and company so much that I invited him to the reception afterward. Professional, musician, performer, or guest, Michael Shynes was the cherry on top of a perfect day."

-Erin E

"After much searching online for potential singers/vocalists to sing during our wedding ceremony, we happened upon some of Michael Shynes’ tracks online. We immediately fell in love with his voice and music. Michael’s music style was exactly what we were looking for on such a special day in our lives. From the moment that we reached out to Michael to check on his availability through the end of our ceremony, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very friendly, flexible with our needs and open to all of our ideas, while also providing his feedback from his own experience performing. Michael sang and played his guitar covering many of our favorite songs we chose for the ceremony as well as a few of his own original songs that we were able to choose from his own great selection of music.

During the wedding planning process working with a musician as easygoing and dependable as Michael Shynes was like a breath of fresh air. Michael was reasonably priced and consistently responsive throughout the process. Prior to our wedding, Michael was willing to sample our top song choices for us and checked in to confirm what type of attire he should wear to the wedding beforehand. He arrived to our wedding ceremony early as we requested and was well-prepared. Michael’s setup and transition out of the ceremony location was smooth and unnoticeable. Michael’s performance was flawless and set the tone of our ceremony. We received numerous compliments from our guests on our choice to select Michael Shynes as our ceremony musician based on what an excellent job he did. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Michael Shynes and to have had such a talented musician during our wedding ceremony. He truly helped make our special day even more beautiful, and we would recommend Michael Shynes to any other couples looking for a multi-talented, amazing artist for their event(s). We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and musician to work with!

Thank you so much, Michael!!"

-Breanna & Jeremy L (Gigmasters Review)

"Having Michael play at our wedding is such a great memory for us.  Michael did an outstanding job! Not only did he write and perform his original song, he also kept his cool and was very flexible when another vocalist fell ill on the big day. Michael was so easy to get in contact with throughout all of the planning and was always willing to go the extra mile and provide us with great input!

Still to this day, almost 4 years later, we still smile when we think about him being there to help us and our guests celebrate our new beginning!"

-Rachel and Jordan H

"We hired Michael to perform at our June 13th wedding and he exceeded our expectations. Michael has a very soothing voice and our guests loved the songs he sang during the reception. We received many compliments on choosing Michael as our wedding musician. He stayed late to DJ for us as well… We danced and partied into the night! If you are looking for a soloist to perform at your special event Michael is the perfect choice... Thanks Michael for being part of our special day."

-Todd and Villa A (Gigmasters Review)

I cannot recommend Michael highly enough! He was perfect for the small event we planned and he is exceptionally talented. I received numerous compliments on Michael's performance and also that he was exceptionally great to interact with. You can't go wrong with choosing Michael. He, shines!"

-Erin M (Wedding Planner)

Michael was fabulous! He was easy to contact in preparation of the event and very accommodating during the event playing requests and staying late because the client was so impressed. Extremely talented musician!

-Heidie K (Event Planner)